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Craps is a game that’s dominated many casino movies – and the infamous lucky dice roll is a global icon often depicting a Russian roulette style of drama. What’s more, the simple concept of dice rolling is something everyone enjoys and can relate to – giving craps significant allure for millions of gamers all over the globe. Check out why craps is a great option in online casinos – and grasp some strategic tips for basic craps success.

The Vegas magic of Craps

Craps has lit-up the Las Vegas Strip for decades, offering a compelling game that anyone can try their luck at – assuming you know how to roll a dice and get lucky! That’s all there really is to craps, and although the game has a vast array of different bets, they’re ultimately all at the mercy of rolling the right numbers in each betting scenario. One of the most amazing features of hardcore craps gaming, is the amazing run of luck some gamers manage to find – which in Vegas has led to casino smashing runs of over 100 rolls without defeat! The latest online casino craps games offer a high degree of craps realism, meaning you can slip into Downtown Vegas mode whenever the mood takes you.

Basic craps strategy power

Most casino experts agree that the best games always contain elements of strategic skill, and while some games may offer higher strategic power than craps, it can still be played with responsive and advantageous intent. In fact, picking the right craps bets offers one of the lowest house edges in the business!
For example, the Pass the Line bet is simple, has a low house edge and can be played with a strategy that reduces the edge from around 1.41% – all the way to 0.6%. Thus – if you use this strategy consistently, you can expect to win your fair share of craps sessions.

  • Start out by placing your first craps wager on the simple Pass the Line betting options, which creates a few different gaming outcomes.
  • Shooter rolls a Pass Line 7 or 11 – sweet, you win!
  • Shooter roll 2, 3 or 12 Pass Line score – oops, you lose!
  • Shooter roll any other dice score. To win the bet, you must roll the specific point before getting 7
  • Now things get a little more interesting in terms of implementing the strategic element of craps, to bring the house edge right down. The key is to bet on the ‘Odds Bet’ whenever a point is made. The odds betting option is very advantageous to the player – in fact it’s arguably one the very best bets you can place in a casino.

One thing to remember when playing craps, is that the game offers a heady mix of betting options – all with different odds and house edges. While many craps bets look like fun (and are fun) – they don’t all make good statistical betting scenarios. So – base your gaming on the game’s favourable bets if your aim is to try and beat the casino.

Craps Odds Confusion – Explained

The game of craps has been available online for well over a decade, by it’s still a mystery to many gamers. One problem is the fact that craps looks complicated A?V and while some players will tell you the tables suck, others are likely to tell you craps is one of the best betting mediums in existence. Naturally, the question is – whose right?

The one problem you face when playing online craps is the wide range of betting options – with an equally exotic range of payouts and chance. What’s more, many gamers naturally make the mistake of seeing the big odds bets and thinking, ‘yep – let’s win big’! Now – there is of course a chance of striking it lucky at the craps table and rolling the dice to hit the hot numbers that can deliver equally cool payouts. However, make no mistake that playing the high payout craps wagers doesn’t make any statistical sense. Quite simply – the house edge is harsh, in some cases soaring to 16%! This is why some gamers fail to grasp the magic of craps gaming.

However – how come some players think craps is a must play casino game? Well, the answer is simple; if you know where to look, online craps suddenly turns into one of the casino world’s most gamer-friendly environments, with a very low house edge and a genuine chance against the casino, whatever your gaming level and experience. The key is to eliminate many of the craps bets and only place bets on those offering sweet odds – which are generally accepted to be those in the chart below.

Craps Bet House Edge


Pass Line 1.41%
Don’t Pass Line 1.36%
Come Bet 1.41%
Don’t Come 1.36%
Pass Line + Double Odds 0.68%
Don’t Pass Line + Double Odds 0.46%
Come Bet + Double Odds 0.61%
Don’t Come + Double Odds 0.46%
Place 6/8 1.52

Now, any casino games that offers you odds like those above is definitely worth considering; and all we’ve really done is convert craps into a new, select betting environment. This is the truly smart way to play the game! With this in mind, follow the tips below to hit the craps table with a higher chance of success, and much less chance of playing into the casino’s hands.

  • Always hit the table with the same basic strategy; bet on the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come bet.
  • Maximise your chance and limit the casino’s by using the odds betting option
  • Note that you should bet on the Pass Line option before the Come Out Roll, to get the best odds.
  • Consider your credit value before you start taking odds – which increases your liability for the round. For example, in some casinos, you can take up to x100 odds – hugely increasing your risk (and reward potential!). However, online craps tables usually only take double odds bets, so you risk is smaller (but still needs monitoring).

If You Can Roll Dice, You Can Play Craps!

According to the big online casinos – craps gaming on the web is the latest must play game for next year, as thousands of players flood to try out the craps rolling magic. So, just why is craps ‘ popularity seemingly exploding? The answers are multiple – but include the fact that some craps bets offer the fairest even money betting in the world. What’s more, with so many craps bets available to try, few games can beat the entertainment and longevity of craps’ appeal. So, if you fancy playing the game that’s featured in more 007 films than any other, pour yourself a drink and waltz up to the classiest, most refined tables on the web.

Craps is player friendly!

Why is it that craps is always touted around as a very complicated game? The fact is – anyone knows how to roll a dice, and craps is based on the score of the dice shoots! Yes – the game has multiple betting options and it will take time to be able to game at pro speed, but it’s not rocket science! What’s more, if you focus on some of craps’ most simplistic betting options, you’ll be up and running instantly, while enjoying virtually zero edge to the house!

Pass Line Wagering

If you’re looking for the perfect bet to start playing craps with, then the Pass the Line wager is an ideal place to start. It’s simple, has good odds and it’s exciting. Once you’ve selected a Pass Line bet, you’ll need to roll the dice to get the round stated (known as the come out roll). Now, the resultant dice score will determine whether you win, hit craps (lose) or continue playing for a chance to win.


Win: 7 or 11
Craps: 2, 3 or 12
Point: Any other value – keep rolling and keep your fingers crossed you get the point value before a losing 7!

Free craps gaming?

If craps is new to you, but you fancy seeing what the fuss is about – playing with free bonus money is the obvious way to test it out with zero risk. If you feel the Vegas rush, then keep gaming – if not, there are endless other gaming options sure to light your fire.